Troubles with MiFit…

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MiFit took away the possibility to install your local watchfaces after the update to 4.0.8 version.

For now we see only one possibility to do it again… You have to install the previous version of MiFit (4.0.7)

What you have to do:

  1. Delete the MiFit that you’ve installed (it is very important to do this because in other case you can’t install the previous version of MiFit)
  2. Download and install the previous version of MiFit by link DOWNLOAD (4.0.7)
  3. After installation connect Mi Band 4 to MiFit one more time

After installation of the version 4.0.7 DO NOT UPDATE MIFIT IN GOOGLE PLAY. You can also go to the Play Market application, find the MiFit application and turn off “Auto update” as shown in the screenshot.

We really hope that MiFit turns back the possibility to install local watchfaces and we could use apps like before!